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About Us

Artist Ram Tirath Patel   belongs to a ordinary family. He has pursuing the hobby of making art since childhood and completing the Intermediate, he got Admission in college of Arts & Crafts, Lucknow University. He always got first place in all subjects.

2008 – B.F.A.
2010 – M.F.A.
2012 – UGC Net in Visual Art

After all these studies he had constructed many beautiful idols and his idols are supplied in different parts of our country. His idols are also supplied in other parts of the world.


We work in many mediums such as : Metals, Fiber, Cement, FRC, Pop, Clay. We mainly work on Metals and Fiber Glass.

Fiber Glass

Fiberglass has its own special place in the field of modern sculpture. Fiberglass sculptures are more prevalent nowadays. Fiberglass sculptures remain the same continuously. They are very strong as well as light, so that there is no problem in the transportation of the sculptures. There is also a reason for the popularity of fiberglass sculptures that they look very beautiful and attractive and the rate of their sculptures is also lower than metal.


Sculptures mainly made of Bronze Ashta metal and made of brass zinc gold silver iron are covered under peas. The cost of peas is more than all other types of sculptures, the rate of such sculptures depends on the artist

About Us